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Was Suh's Hit on Cutler 'Dirty?' Opinions Differ

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An unusual NFL season--one that has been marked by a bizarre and unnecessary referee labor situation, an ongoing investigation into an alleged-but-hazy bounty scheme and a series of accusations regarding dirty play--continued its unusual course this week.

This time, the target of the hey-that's-not-cool-man talk is none other than Detroit Lions star defensive lineman Ndamakong Suh, who drew some heat from Bears wideout Brandon Marshall for his controversial-yet-completely-legal (according to the NFL) hit on quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night.

On the play in question, Suh first grabbed Cutler by the arm, then wrapped him up and drove him head-first into the turf. As he did so, Suh had his elbow firmly lodged against the quarterback's head, making it appear as though he intentionally drove Cutler's head into the ground so as to make the hit more severe. No flag was thrown on the play, however, and an ESPN report later said that the NFL considered it to be completely legal. Cutler, too, has said he believed the hit was a clean one.

Marshall, however, took issue with the it, and tweeted after the game that Suh ought to strive to "succeed with character" (which is to say, apparently, he ought to avoid driving quarterbacks head-first into the turf). Speaking to ESPN on Tuesday, Marshall continued to complain about the hit, calling it "dirty." "

"That was dirty," Marshall said. "[Suh] can be one of the best D-tackles that ever done it, but he cannot do that that way. If you look at it, c'mon man, this is not wrestling. You don't do that. That's not clean."

Suh, for his part, said it was "simply a football play," adding that he can't "control his momentum" when chasing a quarterback. Cutler, who said he expects to be cleared to play this week, can attest to precisely that.

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October 26, 2012 at 11:08 am
(1) mike says:

It was very borderline at best. The way he grabbed Cutler seemed to be completely unneccessary. You can take the guy down but to grab him and slam him down is, like Marshall said, not cool.

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