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Tim McDonald

Is "Terrible" Tim Tebow Living in an Alternate Universe?

By January 17, 2013

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Do you ever get the feeling we - as in NFL fans - are living in a parallel universe from the one Tim Tebow and the rest of the league are living in?

Here's a guy, a Heisman Trophy winner who helped Florida to two national championships in college, and a guy who took over a struggling Denver Broncos and led them to the NFL playoffs.

And yet he has to be the most bad-mouthed NFL quarterback in recent memory. He's been verbally abused by fans, the media and some of the biggest names in the game, like Broncos' executive and former superstar John Elway, to name one.

On the other hand, both the fans and media in New York are screaming for him to start over the woeful Mark Sanchez.

But now, even his Jets' teammates are breaking bad on their backup quarterback, a phenomenon that has always been pretty much taboo in the league.

The New York Daily News came out with a story today quoting Tebow's teammates, almost all of whom preferred to remain anonymous.

"We don't look at him as a quarterback," said one.

"He's terrible," said a defensive player.

"Nobody," wants him as the starting quarterback, said another.

I'd love to see those practices. Then again, maybe not, if it's that ugly.

NFL history is rife with players who were woeful in practice, but come game time, all of a sudden they're MVPs.

Is that Tebow? Or is he simply a bad quarterback who got lucky with Denver? Is it just his competitive drive and athleticism that's keeping him afloat? Yes, he has that awkward hitch in his throwing motion, and he's built like a linebacker, but he has won in this league.

Which is the real Tim Tebow? Let's hear your thoughts on Tebow and his future as a quarterback in the league.

Tim Tebow


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