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James Alder

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James Alder has covered football for About.com since 2000 and has appeared with the New York Times and ESPN Radio.


James has contributed to The New York Times blog "The Fifth Down" as well as making guest appearances on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis. He has been quoted in numerous publications, including the New York Times and the Washington Times, and has served as an American Football consultant to BBC Radio in London. James has also appeared on ESPN Radio Network's KRKO Radio in Seattle and published a football trivia book called YaKnow? Pro Football.

By James Alder:

About Football's goal is to provide you with all the necessary resources every serious football fan needs to understand the game from the season's first mini-camp to the last round of the NFL Draft and beyond. About Football strives to be an active community of fans focused on discussing the hot topics of the day on the Football Forum, while having the resources to keep abreast of current events and research the history of the game.

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