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Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

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Tim McDonald has covered the NFL from every angle as a beat writer, columnist and analyst. He has won numerous awards for his sports writing, including national awards for Best Column Writing, Best Investigative Reporting and Enterprise Writing from the Associated Press Sports Editors Association, and first-place awards in Features, Straight News Writing and General Writing Excellence from the Florida Sportswriters Association.


Tim McDonald was an NFL beat writer and columnist for the St. Petersburg Evening Independent, responsible for daily coverage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as extensive coverage of the playoffs, Super Bowl and offseason.

With the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, he helped usher in the Jaguars era as the lead columnist, and co-wrote "Field of Dreams," a video that helped Jacksonville win the new franchise.

He has written about virtually every aspect of the NFL, and won national awards for his coverage. He has also written about the NFL as a freelancer for the National Sports Weekly.

McDonald has worked at newspapers from Alaska to the West Indies, serving as sports editor at both the Anchorage Daily News and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Virgin Islands Daily News.

He has also served as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press.

By Tim McDonald:

As a feisty, young quarterback, I wowed the football world with the near-superhuman strength and pinpoint accuracy of my right arm. Unfortunately, my reputation never spread beyond my brothers and my backyard, and I found my true strength in football lay in verbs and adjectives. I've written about the game for more than two decades, and been an ardent, passionate fan since the first day I saw a perfect spiral. Rarely does a day go by when I don't have football on the brain.

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