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About Howie Long

Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman


Defensive end Howie Long of the Los Angeles Raiders

Defensive end Howie Long of the Los Angeles Raiders (R) in 1991

Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Howie Long joined the Oakland Raiders as a second-round draft pick out of Villanova University in 1981 and quickly became a mainstay on the end of the Raiders line. His combination of speed and power made him one of the most dominating defenders in the league. Long played 13 seasons with the Raiders, eight of those seasons were as a Pro Bowler.

Howie was also named as one of the defensive ends on the NFL Team of the '80s. He was named Defensive Player of the Year in 1985, and Defensive Lineman of the Year in 1984 and 1986. Long retired after the 1993 season holding the Raider record with the most Pro Bowl appearances (8) and for the most sacks in one game (5). He also holds the Pro Bowl record for AFC players with nine sacks.

Howie Long was the type of player that opposing teams tried to run away from. He was the type of dominating lineman that always drew a double team. But despite the strategies of opposing coaches and players, Howie was always stepping up to make the big play by stuffing a runner, sacking a quarterback, or stripping the ball from some overmatched opponent. Howie was the heart of the Raiders in the '80s.

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