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Forbes Announces NFL Franchise Values for 2003

Redskins Close In On $1 Billion


Forbes has released their annual rankings of every NFL team in terms of dollar value and the Washington Redskins are at the top of the list, once again, with an estimated value of $952 million. Rounding out the top five is Dallas at No. 2 worth $851 million, followed by second-year franchise Houston at $791 million, New England at $756 million, and Cleveland at $695 million. The average NFL franchise is now worth approximately $625 million.

How is the value of a sports franchise calculated?

Forbes bases the value of a sports franchise on multiples of revenue. Most teams are valued at four times their annual revenue, but teams that are about to move into new stadiums or are moving into upgraded facilities have their multiple adjusted upward to reflect the added revenue the stadiums will generate. Teams that own their own stadiums are able to generate more revenue, thus, they are generally among the more valuable.

How does the NFL compare to other professional sports leagues in terms of franchise value?

Average Value
National Football League - $625 million
Major League Baseball - $300 million
National Basketball Association - $250 million
National Hockey League - $200 million

Why are NFL franchises valued so much higher than other pro sports franchises?

The reason NFL franchises are valued higher than other sports is because they have the highest national television deal, which brings in about $77 million annually per team.

Team Values
1. Washington Redskins $952 (mil)
2. Dallas Cowboys $851
3. Houston Texans $791
4. New England Patriots $756
5. Cleveland Browns $695
6. Denver Broncos $683
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $671
8. Baltimore Ravens $649
9. Carolina Panthers $642
10. Miami Dolphins $683
11. Detroit Lions $635
12. Chicago Bears $621
13. Tennessee Titans $620
14. Philadelphia Eagles $617
15. Seattle Seahawks $610
16. Green Bay Packers $609
17. Pittsburgh Steelers $608
18. St. Louis Rams $602
19. Kansas City Chiefs $601
20. New Orleans Saints $585
21. Oakland Raiders $576
22. New York Giants $573
23. Jacksonville Jaguars $569
24. San Francisco 49ers $568
25. New York Jets $567
26. Buffalo Bills $564
27. Cincinnati Bengals $562
28. San Diego Chargers $561
29. Indianapolis Colts $547
30. Minnesota Vikings $542
31. Atlanta Falcons $534
32. Arizona Cardinals $505

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