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Featured NFL Mock Draft - No.3

Submitted by The Edge (page 3)


17. New England (from Baltimore) - Greg Jones
The Patriots are still lacking a good running game and Jones may prove to be the best one out of this draft if he can rebound from his blown knee. He's a giant who's fast, with great power.

-They could get Cadillac Anderson, but I do see New England taking a running back here.

18. New Orleans - Karlos Dansby
The Saints are horrible against the run and Dansby has the potential to be a dominant linebacker in the NFL. He's tall, a little underweight, but he could easily add 15 pounds to that huge frame of his.

-New Orleans could get Chris Gamble, but I don't think pass defense is the Saints' weakness.

19. Green Bay - Ben Roethlisberger
Roethlisberger will learn from one of the best on how to read defenses and how to look off his intended target. He will be great learning behind Farve.

-He could go earlier and Losman could be taken here instead. Packers could also get Chris Gamble.

20. Cincinatti - Chris Gamble
Gamble has great potential and the Bengals secondary could use a talented corner. Plus he is raw, meaning he still has potential to be unlocked.

-De'Angelo Hall or Derrick Straight could work here, but I think the Bengals will be happy to land the talented Gamble.

21. Denver - De'Angelo Hall
Apparently, Deltha O'Neal has been a complete bust at corner so they will need someone to replace him. Hall would fit in great in Denver. He's got great physical tools, and like Gamble, is still developing.

-Derrick Straight or Lee Evans could be taken. They need defensive backs in Denver more than future receivers though.

22. Miami - Vernon Carey
The Dolphins need a push up front. Carey will play wherever they ask him and will move them in the right direction to get some movement up front.

-Nat Dorsey maybe, or Derrick Johnson to replace Seau.

23. St. Louis - Nat Dorsey
It looks like Pace is on his way out, and though Dorsey won't be able to replace him, he will be a solid tackle, not leaving some poor backup to try to replace Pace.

-They could also get a linebacker, Teddy Lehman or Johnathan Vilma.

24. Dallas - Cadillac Williams
I think the Cowboys will have to take Williams, who, to me, seems like a hit or miss. All I know is that Dallas needs a running back to get to the big bowl.

-This is the best back left on the board, so I don't see what choice they have. They could go with Benson out of Texas or Michael Turner out of Northern Illinois.

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