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Vince Wilfork



Defensive Tackle

School: Miami (Fla)

Status: Junior





40-Yard Dash:


Wilfork is a huge defensive tackle with great athletic ability for a player his size. He makes plays in the opponent's backfield and shows flashes of dominance at times. He is a solid run stuffer who can also occupy blockers... a true nose tackle.


At times, Wilfork plays a little soft, and he didn't really step out like I thought he would his junior season. I think dropping a few pounds and a little better conditioning would turn him into a dominating defensive tackle in the NFL.


Before the season started, Wilfork was projected as a top-five pick if he chose to enter the 2004 NFL Draft, but with a bit of a disappointing season, he has dropped on many boards. A solid performance in the Orange Bowl may have re-established him as a top 15 pick.

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