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2001 NFL Draft
Second-Day Coverage - Sixth Round

April 22, 2001

NFL Draft
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 7

164. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego)
Brandon Winey - OT Louisiana State

165. Cleveland Browns
Michael Jameson - S Texas A&M

166. Arizona Cardinals
Bobby Newcombe - WR Nebraska

167. Atlanta Falcons
Randy Gardner - DE Arkansas

168. Cincinnati Bengals
Riall Johnson - LB Stanford

169. San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago)
Cedrick Wilson - WR Tennessee

170. Jacksonville Jaguars (from New England)
Chad Ward - G Washington

171. Dallas Cowboys
Daleroy Stewart - DT Souther Mississippi

172. Seattle
Josh Booty - QB Louisiana State

173. Detroit Lions (from San Francisco via New England)
Jason Glenn - LB Texas A&M

174. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville)
Jameel Cook - FB Illinois

175. Carolina Panthers
Dee Brown - RB Syracuse

176. Kansas City Chiefs
Alex Sulfsted -OT Miami

177. Miami Dolphins (from Washington)
Josh Heupel - QB Oklahoma

178. Buffalo Bills
Tony Driver - S Notre Dame

179. San Francisco 49ers (from Green Bay)
Rashad Holman - CB louisville

180. New England Patriots (from Detroit)
Arthur Love - TE Southern Carolina State

181. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets)
Rodney Bailey - DE Ohio State

182. Pittsburgh Steelers
Roger Knight - LB Wisconsin

183. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ellis Wyms - DE Mississippi State

184. Oakland Raiders (from Indianapolis)
Chris Cooper - DT Nebraska-Omaha

185. New Orleans Saints
Mitch White - OT Oregon State

186. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis)
Mario Monds - DT Cincinnati

187. Miami Dolphins (from Carolina via Philadelphia)
Otis Leverette - DE Alabama-Birmingham

188. Miami Dolphins
Rick Crowell - LB Colorado State

189. Minnesota Vikings
Carey Scott - CB Kentucky State

190. Denver Broncos
Kevin Kasper - WR Iowa

191. San Francisco 49ers (from Oakland via seattle)
Menson Holloway - DE Texas-El Paso

192. Tennessee Titans
Dan Alexander - RB Nebraska

193. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Giants)
Jason Doering - S Wisconsin

194. Baltimore Ravens
Joe Maese - C New Mexico

195. Buffalo Bills (compensatory selection)
Dan O'Leary - TE Notre Dame

196. Buffalo Bills (compensatory selection)
Jimmy Williams - CB Vanderbilt

197. St. Louis Rams (compensatory selection)
Francis St. Paul - WR Northern Arizona

198. Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)
David Martin - WR Tennessee

199. Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)
Adam Haayer - OT Minnesota

200. New England Patriots (compensatory selection)
Leonard Myers - CB Miami

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