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The Proposed Marriage of the BCS and a Playoff Format
Part 4 - Conclusion
By Alex Giles
Date: November 19, 2002

In order to demonstrate how the new BCS/Playoff system would work, if the 2002 season were to end today, the Quarterfinal match-ups would be as follows: #1 Miami vs. #8 Southern Cal, #4 Oklahoma vs. #5 Georgia, #2 Ohio State vs. #7 Iowa, and #3 Washington State vs. #6 Notre Dame. For the sake of argument, let's say that Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Washington State win their Quarterfinal games. Miami would then play Oklahoma and Ohio State would play Washington State in the Semifinals. Southern Cal, as the #8 seed, and Iowa, as the #7 seed, would play in the 4th ranked Bowl this year - the Rose Bowl. Notre Dame, as the #6 seed, and Georgia, as the #5 seed, would play in the 3rd ranked Bowl - the Orange Bowl.

Continuing on, let's say that Miami and Ohio State win their Semifinal games. Miami and Ohio State would then advance to the National Championship game in the Fiesta Bowl and Oklahoma and Washington State would meet in the Sugar Bowl.

This BCS/Playoff proposal takes the best from both systems and creates a win-win situation for all involved - College Football, the BCS, the major Bowls, and most importantly, the fans who want an undisputed National Champion. The time has come for this holy union of the BCS and a playoff format.

Just a word of caution for College Football though, if you wait any longer before conducting the ceremony you may find yourself with the proverbial Shotgun Wedding.

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