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Pro Football 2000
The Year in Review

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The year 2000 was a fantastic year for football fans! From last year's NFL playoffs and Super Bowl to the end of the current NFL season and start of the playoffs, it has been one of the more exciting years in football, and with so much parity in the league, very tough to predict.

January got off to an exciting start with the unbelievable finish in the playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. The Titans pulled off one of the most memorable plays in NFL playoff history with what is now commonly referred to as the "Music City Miracle". On the last play of the game, Tennessee used a lateral on a kickoff return and Kevin Dyson went the distance to pull victory from the grasp of certain defeat. Whether the lateral was a legal play or an illegal forward pass, will be debated for years to come.

Things only got better as the playoffs went on, and the Titans and St. Louis Rams capped it all off by putting on one of the greatest shows in Super Bowl history. Super Bowl XXXIV will always be remembered as one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever played, certainly one of the top finishes any fan could hope to witness. After pulling off their miracle against the bills, Tennessee ran out of luck... and time, on the Rams one-yard line. They were one yard away from sending the game to overtime as the clock ran out. It doesn't get much more exciting than that.

Before the excitement of the Super Bowl had a chance to settle though, there were reports that two men had been killed in a fight, and Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was involved. Charged with first-degree murder, Lewis later agreed to plead guilty to obstructing justice in exchange for his testimony against fellow co-defendants.

The sports world was shocked again later in the year when Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers was accused of being involved in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. And when reports surfaced that Colts' running back Fred Lane had died after being shot by his wife in a domestic dispute, it left football fans wondering what was up with all the off-field violence.

In early February, tragedy struck the NFL and all of the sports world. Kansas City Chiefs' linebacker Derrick Thomas died of a heart attack brought on by injuries suffered in an auto accident weeks earlier. The announcement of his death was a shock since Thomas seemed to be on his way toward recovering from the accident, although he probably would have faced some sort of paralysis.

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