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The NFL's Worst
The '52 Dallas Texans

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In 1952, Dallas was given its first shot at a professional football team when the New York Yanks' owner, Ted Collins, decided to sell his franchise back to the league after years of losing money. The league quickly sold the franchise to Texas millionaire Giles Miller who relocated the team to Dallas, Texas.

Miller believed that the football-crazy state of Texas was the perfect spot to locate an NFL franchise. After all, every major college in the state was packing their stadiums to the hilt with crazed football fanatics.

So the Dallas Texans, not to be confused with the Dallas Texans of the '60s that later became the Kansas City Chiefs, moved into the 75,000 seat Cotton Bowl. Unfortunately for Miller the Texas football fans were content with their college football teams and few of them turned out for Sunday's games. Rarely did the Texans play before a crowd of more than 15,000.

The lack of attendance caused cash flow problems for Miller and with five games remaining in the season the Texans were unable to meet their payroll. The Dallas Franchise was returned to the NFL, and the league took over operations for the rest of the season.

The Texans didn't fare much better on the field than they did off the field. They were considered the joke of the league and they could manage just one win in 12 games.

Riding a nine-game losing streak, the Dallas Texans matched up with the Chicago Bears in Akron, Ohio. After Miller lost the team, the final two home games were relocated, so the Bears and Texans agreed to meet in Akron.

George Halas was so confident his Bears would beat the Texans, he put his entire second string in to start the game. Halas soon found his team down 20-2 and decided to put his first string in the game, but it was too late as the Texans held on for a 27-23 upset victory.

On the season, the Texans averaged 15 points per game while surrendering 35. They finished last in the league in total yards and scoring, and they missed 7 of the 27 extra points they attempted. Amazingly they failed convert a single field goal attempt the entire year.

When the season ended, half the players on the Texans' roster decided to give up pro football. Most of the players that were left went to the NFL's newest franchise, the Baltimore Colts.

Check out the '62 Dallas Texans numbers below, and I think you will agree that they are amongst the worst NFL teams of all time.

1952 Dallas Texans
Date Score W/L Opponent
9/28/52 6-24 L New York Giants
10/05/52 14-37 L San Francisco
10/12/52 20-38 L at Chicago
10/18/52 14-24 L Green Bay
10/26/52 21-48 L at San Francisco
11/02/52 20-42 L at Los Angeles
11/09/52 6-27 L Los Angeles
11/16/52 13-43 L at Detroit
11/23/52 14-42 L at Green Bay
11/27/52 27-23 W Chicago
12/07/52 21-38 L Philadelphia
12/14/52 6-41 L Detroit

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