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Football 101: Understanding the Basics of American Football
Pick up the basics of football, from the object of the game and the various ways to score, to the layout of the football field. You'll also find some of the basic ...
How to Play Football - Basic Football Skills for Beginners
Throwing, catching, blocking, carrying, and kicking the ball. Instruction on all the basic football skills.
Football Basics - Defensive Formations - NFL - About.com
About Football's Basics of Football illustrates the various defensive formations that are seen on the football field. Check out all the most common defensive ...
The Basics Rules of How to Play Soccer
A major part of the sport's great allure is its simplicity, but if you are a little unsure of the basics, this section will help you understand how to play soccer.
Basics & Strategy - Understanding Football - NFL - About.com
Football is a very complex game, but it is easy to understand when explained properly. About Football takes you through the football basics.
Football 101- The Basics of a Football Team - NFL - About.com
This football 101 tutorial describes the basic functions of the offense, defense, and special teams along with their fundamental responsibilities.
Top Picks - Basics of Football Videos - NFL - About.com
These videos break down the game of football for the beginner. Learn the basic rules, strategies, and what to watch for when you watch football!
Football Basics - The 4-4 Defense - NFL - About.com
The 4-4 defense is a basic defensive formation in the game of football. This page explains which players are used, and illustrates their alignment on the field.
Football 101 - Understanding the Game of American Football
About Football offers a library of resources to help you better understand the game of football, from the basic rules to the complex game strategies commonly ...
Fantasy Football Basics and Strategy - NFL - About.com
About Football guides you through the basics of fantasy football and gives you an advantage over the competition with these solid fantasy football strategies.
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