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Top 5 Unusual Football Injuries - NFL - About.com
About Football lists the top 5 unusual football injuries.
Information About Common Football Injuries - About Orthopedics
Jun 11, 2014 ... Football is a rough sport, and despite the helmets, pads, braces, and supports, injuries are a common part of the game. The combination of the ...
Common Football Injuries and Treatments
May 13, 2014 ... Football injuries are common and range from minor annoying aches and pains to serious, traumatic injuries. It's important to use the right pads ...
Football Injuries - First Aid - About.com
Jun 13, 2013 ... Football-related injuries are common. It's a contact sport and there is bound to be some damage done. Practicing -- rather than playing the ...
Burner - Stinger - Football Injury - About Orthopedics
Aug 5, 2003 ... Definition: A burner, also called a stinger, is a common injury in contact sports, especially football. The exact mechanism of the injury is not well ...
Most Common Neck Injuries Described
Jun 27, 2014 ... Stingers and burners (named for the way they feel) are temporary injuries to the nerve root or brachial plexus. They occur most often in football ...
Football Injuries - Sports Medicine - About.com
Football Injuries. ... Side view of a concerned woman wearing a knee support holding her knee with her foot. Common Sports Injuries You Should Watch Out For.
Knees Take a Beating During Football Season - Exercise - About.com
About.com's Exercise guide tells you the facts about knee injuries and football.
Sprains and Strains - Muscle and Ligament Injuries
May 16, 2014 ... A sprain is a ligament injury, and a strain is a muscle injury, but ... these include football, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and many others.
What Is Turf Toe? - Causes and Treatment
May 29, 2014 ... Turf toe is an painful injury to the base of the big toe that typically occurs in athletes who play field sports, such as football, baseball or soccer.
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