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2014 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks are the Glory Boys Now - About.com
Cornerback is a glamor position in the NFL now, higher than linebackers, defensive linemen, safeties and even equal to elite pass-rushers. The game is getting ...
Top Five Cornerbacks in NFL Draft
The difference is the cornerback field is even deeper than most. The NFL is evolving into more and more of a passing league, and top cornerbacks who can ...
NFL Draft Prospects - Cornerback
Cornerback is always a position that is in high demand on draft day, and these resources provide you with the profiles, pictures, statistics, news, and more on all  ...
Cornerbacks: Cornerstones of NFL Defenses - About.com
Top Five Free Agent Cornerbacks. ... Why does it seem like NFL teams are always on the lookout for cornerbacks, whether it's free agency, trades or the college ...
Cornerback - How to Play Cornerback? - NFL - About.com
Agile and quick, the two cornerbacks are the pass coverage gurus on the defensive football team. Great cornerbacks have great instincts for the game of football, ...
Adam "Pacman" Jones - A Profile of NFL Cornerback Adam ...
About Football profiles the football career of cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones.
2012 NFL Draft - Cornerback Rankings - About.com
About Football ranks the top cornerbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft.
Understanding the Cover 3 Zone Defense - NFL - About.com
The three deep zones in the cover 3 are most often covered by the two cornerbacks (left and right 1/3), and the free safety (middle 1/3). The strong safety will ...
Darrelle Revis - New York Jets Cornerback ... - NFL - About.com
Heading into his fourth season in the NFL, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is widely recognized as one of the best defensive backs in the league, if not ...
The Corner Blitz - Blitzing Corner for Run Support ... - NFL - About.com
Blitzing the cornerback out of the Eagle defense serves two purposes. It gives the defenses an additional player for run support, and it creates a seven-man ...
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