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2014 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks are the Glory Boys Now - About.com
Top cornerbacks in the 2014 NFL draft. ... Cornerback is a glamor position in the NFL now, higher than linebackers, defensive linemen, safeties and even equal ...
Cornerbacks: Cornerstones of NFL Defenses - About.com
Top Five Free Agent Cornerbacks. ... Why does it seem like NFL teams are always on the lookout for cornerbacks, whether it's free agency, trades or the college ...
Top Five Cornerbacks in NFL Draft - About.com
The cornerback talent for this year's draft is like most other positions: there are no true superstars, but there are quite a few players who could make an impact on ...
Cornerback - How to Play Cornerback? - NFL - About.com
Agile and quick, the two cornerbacks are the pass coverage gurus on the defensive football team. Great cornerbacks have great instincts for the game of football, ...
NFL Draft Prospects - Cornerback
... demand on draft day, and these resources provide you with the profiles, pictures, statistics, news, and more on all the top cornerbacks in this year's NFL Draft.
Pittsburgh Steelers: Updated NFL Draft Needs
Prospects-Cornerback is very much a personal taste in the NFL. With the wide variety of defensive schemes in the league, there's no way to rank cornerbacks in  ...
NFL Draft on About Football - NFL Draft Resources
The NFL Draft has become almost a season unto itself, and About Football has put together a ton of resources designed to explain, predict, review, and analyze  ...
The Slip Screen - Wide Receiver Screen Pass ... - NFL - About.com
The deep passing game can be hampered by the defensive secondary aligning the cornerbacks seven yards or more from the line of scrimmage. Good passing ...
Football Basics - Dime Defense - NFL - About.com
Two cornerbacks (CB), one nickel back (NB), and one dime back (DB) combine with two safeties to cover the defensive backfield. The exact position of the ...
Football Basics - Nickel Defense - NFL - About.com
Two cornerbacks (CB) and one nickelback (NB) line up to cover the wide receivers when the offense is in a three-receiver set. There are also two safeties.
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