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NFL Player Profiles
About Football offers a brief preview of many of the top NFL players.
About Football - NFL Legends of the Game - About.com
About Football provides profiles of the greatest football players in the history of the game. Read about their careers, check their career stats, or research the ...
NFL Trivia - NFL Players' Nicknames Trivia Quiz - About.com
Test Your knowledge of the nicknames of former NFL players with this NFL Nicknames trivia quiz!
11 NFL Players to "Like" on Facebook
With all of the NFL players out there on Facebook, it can be hard to know who are the ones who actually utilize their profile, and who doesn't post at all. Here are ...
Oklahoma Sooners in the NFL - Oklahoma City - About.com
One of the premiere programs in college football, the University of Oklahoma has produced a number of NFL players - Here is a current list of the former ...
New IQ Test for NFL Players, Why Not for Fans? - About.com
The NFL has a new IQ test it will use in its scouting combines. It's about time because the current one only takes 12 minutes - it takes the average NFL player that ...
NFL Most Valuable Players - NFL MVP Player of the Year
Every recipient of the NFL's Most Valuable Player Award is listed here along with the team he played for and the year he received the MVP award.
NFL criminals
Whether it's hormones, steroids or an over-abundance of testosterone, NFL players get arrested more than athletes in any other sport, according to various ...
Football 101 - Uniform Numbering System - NFL - About.com
Every football player's uniform has a number on it that is unique for that particular ... This chart explains which numbers are assigned to each position in the NFL.
NFL's Top 5 Father-Son Combinations - About.com
Over the years, the NFL has seen many players follow in the footsteps of their fathers in advancing to the sport's highest level. Some have lived up to the legacy  ...
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