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No Frills Football Conditioning

Used Tires are All You Need


No money for expensive conditioning equipment? Here are four ways to get your football players into condition while spending little to no money.

Multi-tasking Tires

Ask a neighborhood tire dealer for a used tire donation for your football team (you may have to pay a nominal fee for them). Inspect the tires, making sure they are safe to handle. With just 12-14 tires, you can:

  1. Tire Toss - Line up players across the goal line. On their knees, they each grasp a tire with hands in position to simulate a defensive/offensive hand strike to an opponent. On the whistle, they toss the tires forward, using proper hip roll and arm extension. After releasing the tires, the players fall onto their chests and stomachs. Have players repeat this for 20-yards, and build up stamina to continue the drill for the entire length of the field.
    Benefit: Muscle memory of good blocking/tackling movement.
  2. Bucket Brigade - Line players in two lines down the field, space them 2-3 yards apart and have each of them face forward. Just as the bucket brigades would pass off buckets of water to douse a fire, have the players pass off the tires.
    Benefit: This is a great functional exercise to build core muscles and flexibility.
  3. Driving Miss Daisy - Line players across the field, and have them sprint 20 yards while holding the tires as if they are holding the steering wheel of a car.
    Benefit: Arm strength and cardio work in one drill.
  4. Traditional Tire Drill - Align tires on the ground, staggering them so players can run through the tires. Benefit: Footspeed, agility.

Coaching Points

  • Create competitions while running the drills to make the conditioning more interesting for the players.
  • Keep the tires on hand during the season, switch to one of the drills when practice seems to be lagging. These provide a nice change-of-pace to keep players involved.
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