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Pat and Go Football Drill

Quarterbacks and Receivers Not Only Players to Benefit


Pat and Go Drill

Pat and Go Drill

Sean McCormick

The Pat and Go drill has two lines of receivers lined up on the opposite sides of the field. Each receiver grouping has a quarterback and a coach across the field. The quarterback "pats" the ball to signal the receiver to run down field and catch a pass. After catching the pass the receiver runs to the other line of receivers on the opposite side of the field. The receiver hands the ball to the nearest coach.

Warm Up the QB

The drill starts in a shorter area to allow the quarterbacks to warm up their arms, and also to allow the receivers to run half-speed to loosen up their legs. After going through the original line of receivers, the drill becomes a full-speed drill.

Use Drill for Entire Team

The Pat and Go drill is an excellent way for all players to warm up. Break up the monotony of pre-practice warm-ups by having all the players participate in this drill. What seems like fun for those players not accustomed to touching the football also gives them practice time catching and properly holding the ball, which could prove invaluable when a fumble recovery or interception opportunity occurs during a game.

Use as a Coaching Tool to Evaluate Players

Run the Pat and Go drill during summer practice sessions and quickly discover which players can be added to the depth chart as receivers and quarterbacks.

Effective Practice Reps for the Shotgun Center

Coaches running the Shotgun set can add a center to the drill. It allows additional practice snaps for the center, and it also gets the quarterback accustomed to catching the shotgun snap and quickly securing the proper ball grip to pass.

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