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Running the Football Out of the Bunch Formation

Bunch Formation Trap Play Provides Offensive Overload


Off-Tackle Trap from Bunch Set

Off-Tackle Trap Play from Bunch Formation

Sean McCormick

The spacing of the three receivers aligned in the Bunch set creates a blocking advantage for the offense, and adding a pulling lineman increases that advantage.

Attacking Man Coverage

The trap play can result in large gains against a secondary playing man-to-man coverage, as each bunch receiver is being closely watched by a defensive back or linebacker. The blocking assignments for the receivers become easier, as the defenders are not dropping into zone coverage.

Additional Blocker

  1. The play side guard will fold block, targeting the outside defender on the line of scrimmage.
  2. The play side tackle down blocks to fill the gap left by the pulling guard.
  3. The back side guard fold blocks into the 'A' gap. His first assignment is to stop any penetration by the defense. If there is no one to block, the guard looks to block a linebacker at the second level.

Quarterback Boot

After handing off to the running back, the quarterback will carry out a bootleg fake. This will momentarily freeze the back side linebacker and defensive backs.

Coach'em Up!

  • Use the near receiver in the Bunch as an additional blocker through the off-tackle slot.
  • Complement the trap play with a back side bootleg run/pass option by the quarterback.

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