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Corner Blitz from Eagle Alignment Strengthens Run Support

7-Man Pressure Creates Problems for Offense


Eagle Corner Blitz

Strong Eagle Cornerback Blitz

Sean McCormick

A timely weak side blitz out of the Eagle Strong defensive look provides stronger run support as well as an additional pass rusher against a play-action pass.

Surprise the Offense

A defense aligned in the Eagle Strong look is set up to stop the offense’s two-back power run game. The quarterback and offensive coaches will tend to focus on the defensive pressure to the tight end/strong side. Blitzing the cornerback off the edge creates problems for the weak side offensive tackle and the blocking back.

7-Man Pressure

Blitzing the middle linebacker and the cornerback means there are seven defenders to be accounted for by the offense.

Line Stunts

  • The nose tackle crosses the strong side guard and attacks the B-gap. This allows the middle linebacker to cut off the defensive lineman’s backside and blitz the A-gap.
  • The tackle and end on the defensive weak side will each run a ‘pinch’ stunt, which means they will rush the gaps to the inside of their initial alignment.

Timing is Key

The blitzing cornerback will slowly creep toward the offensive tackle to get into better position to blitz. He should start movement after he sees the quarterback’s head look away from the weak side.

Free Safety Rolls Down

At the moment the cornerback starts stemming to his blitz point, the safety will stem to a position where he will be able to play man-to-man coverage on the wide receiver to the weak side.

Coach’em Up!

  1. This blitz works best when the defense has aligned in Eagle Strong for several plays.
  2. Remind the weak side linebacker of his responsibility to cover the running back on a pass to the flat; a possible 'hot' read for the quarterback recognizing the corner blitz.
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