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Fullback Trap-Fake Pass Stretches Defense

Deep Ball Capability Gains Respect of Secondary


Fullback Fake X-Post Pass

Fullback Trap-Fake X-Post

Sean McCormick

Once the offense establishes success running the Fullback Trap, the linebackers and other defensive secondary personnel will begin recognizing the play and quickly charge to the line of scrimmage for run support. This is when an offense can use the defense’s aggressive nature against them.

FB Fake X-Post

The ‘X’ receiver (split end) is the primary receiver. He will fire out of his stance, and at eight yards make a hard cut inside to run a deep post route.


The ‘Y’ receiver (tight end) will step down as if initiating a double team block on the tackle. He will run toward the linebacker, and at seven yards, he will turn as if running a hook route. Instead of stopping, the tight end turns (whips) toward the sideline.


The ‘Z’ receiver (slot receiver) will run a deep corner route to force the safety to cover him (and leaving more space in deep middle for the primary receiver.

Blocking Assignments

Short Side Guard and Tackle - The short side guard and tackle will slide block toward the strong side.

Center – Slide blocks strong side.

Strong Side Guard – Pulls to short side, as if trap blocking, and looks to pick up first defender penetrating the backfield.

Strong Side Tackle – Slide blocks strong side.

Backfield Assignments

Quarterback – After receiving the snap, the quarterback takes a quick step back with the non-play side foot. Then, he opens short side and fakes to the fullback. He will fake to the tailback, and roll out strong side.

Fullback – The fullback ‘sells’ the fake hand off and runs into the line of scrimmage.

Tailback – He will carry out fake from quarterback. If he sees defensive penetration from the vacated guard’s spot, he will fill the gap. If he sees pressure from the defensive end, he will adjust and block the end.

Coaching Points

  • Teach the quarterback to step toward the intended receiver. Caution the quarterback not to throw across his body.
  • Work on quarterback recognition of the single deep safety in the middle of the field. When this occurs, the quarterback may want to make the tight end the primary receiver.
  • Instruct offensive line to stay behind the line of scrimmage.
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