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Throwing the Football Out of the Maryland-I

Faking the Double Lead Leaves Receivers Wide Open


Play Action Pass

Maryland-I Play-Action Pass

Sean McCormick

After successfully using the power run game supplied by the Maryland-I (Stack-I) formation on short yardage situations, surprise the goal line defense with a play-action pass to the back of the end zone.

Tight Ends Block First

  1. The two receivers must set up the play by firing out and blocking for a 'one-count' before releasing into the defensive secondary.
  2. The back side receiver will run straight ahead until reaching the midpoint of the end zone depth. He will break to the strong side on a crossing route. By starting the pattern in a straight line, the defensive backs cannot jump the crossing route, as the end could cut to the back side corner of the end zone as well.
  3. The strong side receiver breaks off his block and runs a similar straight route, breaking to the strong side corner of the end zone. His route break should be a step or two deeper than the back side end.

The Two Fullbacks

  • The first fullback will carry out his block against the defensive player at the end of the line of scrimmage.
  • The second fullback will run as if lead blocking and cut into the flat area of the end zone.

I-Back, aka the Actor

The deep back in the Stack-I will sell his run fake to freeze the linebackers from dropping into any pass coverage.

Line Blocking

The offensive line fires out low, as if run blocking, and then remains behind the line of scrimmage.

Quarterback Portrays 'Houdini'

After completing the fake to the I-back, the quarterback places the ball on the side of his back leg to better hide the ball. He must be patient not to show the ball too quickly.

Coaching Points

  1. Teach the Quarterback to use High-Low approach, looking for the strong side tight end in the end zone corner as the primary target. If covered, the quarterback locates the flat receiver.
  2. Rather than take a sack, instruct the quarterback to throw the ball away if all receivers are covered.
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