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Blitzing, Stunting from Eagle Sends Clear Message to Offense

Aggressive 6-Man Pressure Challenges Power Run Game


Eagle Strong Double Pinch

Double Pinch 'Mike' Blitz

Sean McCormick

Blitzing the middle linebacker while having the defensive line pinch stunt from the Eagle alignment presents a different, aggressive look for the offense - and creates big play possibilities for the defense.

Player Assignments

  1. The defensive line pinch stunts; Ends stunt into B-gap, Tackles stunt into A-gap.
  2. The middle linebacker blitzes the C-gap. He must be patient, and let the strong side end cross into to the B-gap before hitting the blitz gap.
  3. The strong side linebacker will squeeze tighter when rushing, and deliver a blow to the tight end with his inside shoulder. It is important for the Sam backer to keep the outside arm free, as he is responsible for outside containment.
  4. The strong safety moves to replace the Mike backer's spot left vacant by the blitz. He will pick up the tight end in pass coverage.
  5. The free safety will slow-release to cover the weak side flat area.
  6. The cornerbacks have man-to-man coverage.
  7. The weak side linebacker watches flow to his side, and is a free hitter (unblocked) on a strong side run.

Coaching Focus

  • Instruct the Will backer to watch for screens or draws as he has no initial interior gap assignment.
  • Make sure the Sam backer gets 'skinny' (turning shoulders perpendicular to the line of scrimmage as he is blitzing the C-gap), and then squares shoulders quickly when reaching the offensive backfield.
  • Instruct defensive linemen to use the 'rip' move when pinching.
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