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Slow Aggressive Pass Rush with Timely Screen Pass

Practice Time Required to Develop Successful Screen Pass Play


Tailback Screen

Tailback Screen - Twins Formation

Sean McCormick

For a screen pass to be successful, coaches must allot the necessary time during practice to perfect the play's proper execution.

Twins Formation Tailback Screen

The screen pass out of this formation benefits from the defense already being spread out to cover the two receivers on the same side, as well as the tendency for the offense to throw the ball deep from this set.

Winning an Oscar

No football play requires as much acting ability as the tailback screen pass.

Best Actors

The success of the screen pass begins with the offensive line.

  1. The play side guard and tackle, and the center and backside guard must carry out proper pass blocking technique for the count of two (while blocking have players counting silently, 'one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two').
  2. Releasing the defender, the two guards and the tackle slide play side preparing to release down field to block.
  3. The center will release his defender, turn to the backside of the line and pick up any weak side defender in pursuit.

Best Supporting Actors

  1. The quarterback will take a five-step drop, and must convince the pass rushers (and the defensive secondary) he is looking to throw the deep pass. When the offensive line releases the pass rushers, the quarterback will drop back two more steps and turn to loft the ball to the tailback.
  2. The tailback sets up to pass block to the play side. He will block any defender rushing his way. At the two-count, he will turn back to receive the lob pass from the quarterback. He will then turn up field and yell, 'GO,' which instructs the blockers to release downfield to pick up second level defenders.


  1. The split end, slot receiver and the tight end will release down field and run vertical routes to force the secondary to play deep.
  2. The backside tackle and fullback will set up to pass block.

Coaching Points

  • Timing. Work diligently in practice so the play becomes second nature for the players.
  • Patience. Coach the tailback to not outrun his blockers. Instruct him to let his blockers attack the secondary defenders before he chooses which direction to run.

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