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Sprint Weak Pass play - I-Formation Weak Side Passing Attack

Short Side Sprint Pass Game Stretches Defense Deep and Wide


Sprint Weak Pass

Sprint Weak Pass

Sean McCormick

While the bootleg pass can keep defenses from keying on the strong side run game by stretching the defense horizontally, the addition of the Sprint Weak Pass play will force defenses to respect the vertical pass game as well. Using the five-step drop, the quarterback can set up to throw an accurate deep ball. Also, the slight adjustment to the pocket provides additional protection.

QB Quick Read

Like the Strong Side pass, four receivers are moving down field. To simplify the quarterback's read progression, he can cut the field in half by looking for the routes run by the split end (X), and the tight end (Y).

X-Post Corner

The split end runs eight yards down field, and cuts into a post pattern. After five yards, the receiver turns the pattern into a corner route.

Y-Deep Drag

The tight end releases off the line of scrimmage and runs toward the weak side of the field, behind the linebackers. The tight end deepens the route based on the location of the deep safety.

Strong Side Pass Routes

Tailback Hook

The running back will run through the line of scrimmage. He will run three-to-five yards behind the linebackers, and hook back toward the quarterback. If the play is extended (pass rush, no deep receivers open), the tailback floats weak side as the quarterback's third option.

Z-Deep Post

The slot receiver is to the strong side. He runs down field 10 yards and breaks into a deep post route.

Blocking Assignments

The fullback is responsible for the defender coming off the strong side end of the line. The strong side tackle is man-on-man blocking if a defender is directly over him. Otherwise he slide protects toward the guard. All other offensive linemen are slide protecting toward the weak side.

Coaching Points

  • If there is blitz pressure from the weak side, the split end must be coached to break off the deep route and run a quick slant as the 'hot' read for the quarterback.
  • If the tight end drag is drawing deep safety attention, run the play later instructing the quarterback to turn and throw to the slot receiver running the deep post route.
  • If the defense is in man-to-man coverage, instruct the quarterback to look immediately for the tight end coming across the field.
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