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Stack-I Backfield Provides Goal Line Punch

Double Lead Out of Maryland-I Formation Provides Convoy to End Zone


Maryland-I Double Lead

Maryland-I Formation Double Lead

Sean McCormick

The Stack-I formation (also known as the Maryland-I), with its additional blocking back, can quickly lead to an offensive advantage for goal-line or short-yardage situations.

Short Yardage Package

The offensive set calls for two tight ends, and two fullbacks.

Backfield Assignments

The two fullbacks will line up directly behind the quarterback. The tailback aligns at his normal I-formation depth of seven yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Double Lead

The first full back will form a double team block with the tight end. The second fullback will follow the first fullback, cutting off the first fullback's block and blocking the first open defender through the hole.

Line Blocking

The play-side guard and center will double team the defender closest to the two. The play-side tackle will block down on his defender. The play-side tight end will block his defender with the first fullback's help.

Blocking Adjustments

Be prepared to alter each blocking assignment to better match the defensive alignment.

Coaching Points

  • Add an additional blocker to the point of attack by pulling the back-side guard.
  • Install a play-action pass, which mirrors the double lead play.
  • Use the Stack-I as a change-of-pace series anywhere on the field.
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