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Top 5 Run Plays for Your I-Formation Playbook

Power, Speed, and Deception for Successful Ground Attack


Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs looks at his playbook

Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs looks at his playbook

David Welker/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

These five plays are all you need to generate a successful rushing attack.



Power at its finest, this mano-o-mano approach is strictly smashmouth style. Many coaches hang their hat on establishing the Isolation the primary rushing play for their ground attack.

Toss Sweep

Complimenting the power of the Iso play, the Toss allows the I-formation offense to out-man the opponent on the perimeter.

Fullback Trap

The 'quick-hitter' is a staple of the Multiple-I look, and is one which catches defenses off guard, leading to huge gains. The fullback, who is usually carrying out a blocking assignment, will make this play work out of sheer determination. It is one time he actually gets to carry the ball.

Counter Sweep

A great change up to the Toss Sweep, this is a play which can catch the defense over-pursuing the strong side rushing attack.


Another play to confuse defenses, this play will catch the weak side of the defense flat-footed.

Coaching Points

  • Running the same plays out of different formations (I-Formation, Offset-I, I-Wing, e.g.) will give the defense different looks while remaining simplified for your offensive players.
  • Establishing play-action plays which mirror each run play will lead to success through the air.

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