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Bunch Formation Provides Quick, Easy Reads for Quarterback

‘Outside-In’ Concept Efficiently Gets Receivers the Football


Bunch Formation

Bunch Formation

Sean McCormick

The Bunch formation provides the offense a versatile and simple passing strategy, allowing the quarterback to find the open receiver quickly.

Bunch Attack

The Bunch is made up of a group of three receivers to the same side.

  1. The point receiver aligns on the line of scrimmage, split five yards from the nearest offensive lineman.
  2. The inside receiver aligns two yards off the line of scrimmage and two yards to the inside of the point receiver.
  3. The outside receiver aligns two yards off the line of scrimmage and two yards to the outside of the point receiver.

Base Pass Pattern

Point Receiver: Runs an inside route, reaching a depth of six yards over the strong side 'A' gap.

Outside Receiver: Runs a six yard 'stop' pattern.

Inside Receiver: Runs a three yard 'out' pattern, brushing off the tail of the point receiver.

Quarterback Read

Run to perfection, the pass play sets up a quick 'Outside-In' triangle progression for the quarterback.

  1. The flat receiver is the first choice. It is an easy five yard gain.
  2. The stop route is the next choice.
  3. The third choice is the point receiver over the middle.

Zone Beater

The Bunch is a successful way to attack defensive secondary playing zone coverage.

Beating 'Man' Coverage

Man-to-Man secondary coverage can disrupt Bunch timing. To counter, place the best receiver on the back side, creating an advantage in a one-on-one pass coverage situation.

Coaching Points

  • Adjust the point receivers split ratio; tightening for designed run plays and widening for designated pass plays.
  • Develop a slip screen to the bunch side to take advantage of the spacing created.

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