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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

These fantasy football cheat sheets will help you decide which players to use on your fantasy football team.

Top Overall Fantasy Players
About Football ranks the top fantasy football players for the current season.

Quarterback Fantasy Rankings
This cheat sheet ranks the top fantasy quarterbacks in the NFL.

Running Back Fantasy Rankings
The NFL's best fantasy running backs are ranked on this cheat sheet!

Kicker Fantasy Rankings
Every fantasy football team needs a consistent kicker and this fantasy football cheat sheet ranks the best.

Defensive Unit Fantasy Rankings
This cheat sheet ranks all the top NFL fantasy defenses.

Defensive Linemen Fantasy Rankings (IDP)
Check the rankings of the top fantasy defensive linemen for IDP leagues.

Wide Receiver Fantasy Rankings
The top NFL fantasy wide receivers!

Overall Individual Defensive Player (IDP) Rankings
The top defensive fantasy football players for IDP leagues.

Defensive Back Fantasy Rankings (IDP)
This fantasy football cheat sheet ranks the top fantasy defensive backs in the NFL.

Tight End Fantasy Rankings
This cheat sheet provides About Football's rankings for fantasy tight ends.

Offensive Line Rankings
The success of your running back or quarterback hinges partly on the ability of his offensive line. So before you make your final decision on who to draft, check our NFL offensive line rankings to see who has an advantage as well as who's at a disadvantage.

Kick/Punt Returner Fantasy Rankings
For those leagues that count kick return stats, we offer the top fantasy Kick/Punt Returner.

Keeper Rankings
For those of you in fantasy football keeper leagues, About Football offers rankings of all the top keepers.

Linebacker Fantasy Rankings (IDP)
About Football ranks the top fantasy linebackers for IDP leagues.

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