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NFL Coaches On the Hot Seat for 2013-14

Waiting for the Ax to Fall?


Some of these seats are red-hot and some are only lukewarm, but all of these NFL coaches will get more than their fair share of scrutiny this coming 2013-2014 season.

Rex Ryan, New York Jets

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Ryan doesn't have any problems tooting his own horn, because not many other people will these days.

The Jets were 6-10 last year, which was bad enough to get General Manager Mike Tannenbaum canned.

Yes, Ryan had some good seasons not that long ago, but apparently the magic is getting a little stale.

He could not possibly have handled his quarterback situation any worse this past season.

Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins

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The NFL loves hyper-competitiveness, but there are cases where it can be a detriment.

Shanahan is certainly hyper-competitive. Witness his playing Redskin rookie sensation Robert Griffin III when he should never have been on the field.

Shanahan's reign in Washington has been obviously successful, but I just have a feeling owner Dan Snyder, whose patience wears thin quickly with coaches who don't produce, is waiting to see what Shanahan can get out of his young phenom this year.

This is Shanahan's next-to-last year in a five-year contract and there has not been a hint of a whisper of a contract extension.

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

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Garrett is 16-16 since he officially took over head coaching duties and mediocrity is not accepted around America's Team in Valley Ranch.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones hasn't exactly been shy when saying publicly he wants more out of this football team.

He's already taken the offensive play-calling away from Garrett, in a way that was embarrassing to Garrett and confusing to everybody else.

This is Garrett's third year with the Pokes and it's time to either lasso that dogie or hand over the reigns to another cowboy. Or something.

Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions

Anytime you finish 4-12 in the NFL, you're on the hot seat, no matter you went 10-6 the year before. This league is all about parity and all about now, so if you don't win at least six games this year, at minimum, you should at least be scanning the want ads.

Schwartz is entering the first year of a three-year contract extension, and Detroit management has not exactly given him a red-hot endorsement publicly.

Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders

The poor Raiders haven't had a winning record in a decade and they don't look even close this year, especially after all those reports of sloppy play at the team's recent workouts.

The Web site nflsfuture.com ranked Allen last on its list of coaches trade values with a trade value of "nil."

That's cold, but probably accurate.

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers

The Panthers started last season 1-6 before finishing 7-9. If they start slow again this year, Rivera will be right back on the hot seat.

This year, though, he has a new general manager, Dave Gettleman. Gettleman decided to keep Rivera last year. If the Panthers screw up early, Gettleman might be under pressure to start the bloodletting.

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles

Will Kelly be another Steve Spurrier or another Jimmy Johnson? The former, of course, is the ultra-successful college coach who washed out of the NFL and the latter is a college coach who uncharacteristically succeeded in the pros.

Personally, I don't think Kelly will succeed. Those high-scoring college offenses of his didn't light up the scoreboard against good, pro-type defenses.

Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins

I understand I might be on my own hot seat for putting Philbin in this class, since he is getting such respect around the league; see ESPN's Herm Edwards ranking Philbin as one of the league's up-and-coming head coaches.

But, remember that the Dolphins spent like drunken sailors on shore leave this offseason - more than $200 million! - and they will be under a lot of pressure to produce.

Miami was 7-9 last year and if they don't have at least a winning record this year, Philbin will get a lot of blame for not using all that expensive talent wisely.

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