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Defensive Strategy

Many of the defensive strategies used in the game of football are outlined in an easy-to-understand format.

Defensive Formations
The basic goal of every defense is to stop opposing offenses from advancing down the field, but there are many different philosophies on the best way to accomplish that goal, including which formation is the best.

Defensive Gap Control
The gap numbering system for football defenses is still the choice of coaches when teaching the one-gap concept.

Understanding Gap Assignments
A description and illustration of where the a, b, and c gaps are to aid in your understanding of gap assignments in football.

The Cover 3 Zone
Description of the cover 3 defense, including strengths, weaknesses, and assignments.

Disguising Coverage
The basics of disguising and stemming to prevent the offense from reading the coverage. Learn what disguising coverage is, and why it's necessary and effective.

The Cover 2 Zone
Understand the basics of the cover 2 zone. Includes assignments for safeties, linebackers, and cornerbacks. Also has an image that shows the zones on the field for cover 2.

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