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Fantasy Football Sleepers


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Any good fantasy football enthusiast will tell you the key to winning on the fantasy level is a successful draft. And to pull off a successful draft, you must be a bit of a prognosticator when it comes to evaluating talent. In other words, you must have a certain "feel" for which players are on the rise and which are on the decline.

Certainly age is a key factor in making these determinations, but there are many other signs to look for that may indicate an upswing or downswing as compared to prior year's performances. Something as simple as being put into a new system, whether it be by switching teams or a change in coaching staff, can do wonders for a player's career. It can also, however, have the opposite effect.

Another scenario to keep an eye out for is the young player that has "emerging superstar" written all over him. And there's always the case of players simply coming into their own after gaining experience. Picking those guys, however, can sometimes be more of an art than a science.

These are About Football's top sleepers this season:


Sam Bradford, STL
Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF
Josh Freeman, TB
Matthew Stafford, DET

Running Back
LaGarrette Blount, TB
Ryan Grant, GB
Montario Hardesty, CLE
Willis McGahee, DEN

Wide Receiver
Anthony Armstrong, WAS
Jacoby Ford, OAK
Chad Ochocinco, NE
Roy Williams, CHI

Tight End
Jared Cook, TEN
Jimmy Graham, NO
Brandon Pettigrew, DET

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