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Top 10 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names for 2009


Now that many of you have weighed in with your funny fantasy football team names, I've decided to rank what I think are the funniest overall. Obviously my admittedly odd sense of humor may not mesh with yours, and you may not agree with my picks, but here goes anyway.

1. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

Amazingly creative use of the Kansas City wide receiver's name. Dwayne Bowe may not be a houshould name to many casual fans, but he's become the basis for a fantastically funny fantasy football team name.

2. Favre Dollar Footlongs

I favor the team names that are based on current players and recent events to begin with. And this one doubles up on that aspect, combining a highly-visible superstar, Brett Favre, with the slogan of an annoyingly-overplayed advertising campaign, both of which I would love to see fade away gracefully.

3. Kibbles and Vick

I don't know. Is it wrong to make fun of the Michael Vick situation already?

4. Corn on the Schaub

Don't know why, but that just strikes me as funny. No particular reason. But sometimes those are the best kind!

5. I Dream of Mangini

A mental picture of new Browns head coach Eric Mangini dressed as a genie is both hilarious and scary at the same time.

6. Favre's Flip Flops

Need I say more?

7. Washing Some Headskins

For all you bald Redskins fans!

8. Favre Fig Newtons

I know... another Brett Favre reference. But I love it!

9. Boldin the Beautiful

After all, there has been a bit of a soap opera regarding Anquan's status with the Cardinals.

10. Pacman's Rain

Nice play on words there!

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