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Quick Tips - Three Steps to Avoid Fumbling


Every time you get the football, you want to make sure you keep it secured and don't fumble. A fumble can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Here are three steps to avoid fumbling.

Tuck it Away

You should always keep the ball tucked close to your body. Cover the tip of the football with your index finger. This will reduce the chances of having it stripped it out. Don't try to carry the ball in one hand or hold it out. Be very careful when you are reaching for the goalline or a first down. Many fumbles are caused when the ball carrier tries to stretch for that extra yard. Keeping the ball tucked away is the primary way to avoid fumbling.

Use The Arm Closest to the Sideline

If you are running towards the right sideline, tuck the ball in you right arm. If you're headed toward the left sideline, use your left arm. This is a good rule of thumb, as tacklers will generally be coming from your inside shoulder. Keeping the ball in the "outside" hand makes the tackler have to stretch farther to try and strip it out. This also allows your inside arm to be free to stiff arm your opponents.

Brace For the Tackle

When you know you're about to be hit, cradle the ball close to your body with both arms. Many fumbles happen at the point of impact when the tackler puts his helmet on the ball. If you have both arms locked on the ball, the chances of a turnover drop.

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