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Football Videos

Learn to Watch and Play the Game


Dig deep into the game of football with videos of the basics, formations, skills to play the game, history and much more... including fantasy football basics and strategy.

1. Understanding Football Picks and Point Spreads

Football players at the line of scrimmage
David Madison/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
Before jumping into your office pool or filling out a parlay sheet, listen to Andy Miley's explanation of point spreads and how they can affect your picks.

2. Fantasy Football Strategies

There's a lot of strategy involved in playing fantasy football, so if you want to gain an advantage on your competition, give a listen to what Andy Miley has to say.

3. Tips for Drafting a Fantasy Football Team

Andy Miley discusses some fantasy football draft strategies to help you get your fantasy football season off on the right foot.

4. What Determines a Fantasy Football Sleeper?

Landing a sleeper or two can make a big difference in your fantasy football success. But what exactly is a sleeper and how do you find them?

5. What are Special Teams?

Special teams are often the forgotten aspect of a football team, but their performance can be as critical as that of the offense and defense. Andy Miley goes over what special teams are and the different situations for which they are required.

6. Organization of the NFL League and Conferences

Want to learn how the NFL's 32 teams are organized? Chris Davis explains the conference and division layout along with the teams included in each.

7. How are the NFL Playoffs Organized?

Only so many teams teams make it to the postseason each year. Chris Davis tells you how many that is along with how the postseason itself is organized.

8. History of the Super Bowl

When did the Super Bowl get started? How did it get its name? Learn how the Super Bowl was born and how it evolved through the years from Chris Davis.

9. Basics of the Football Field

Learn the basics of an American football field from Chris Davis, who explains all the elements that make up the playing field.

10. Methods of Scoring in Football

From touchdowns to field goals to safeties, Chris Davis explains all the potential ways of scoring in a football game along with the point value each method provides.

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