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Common Questions

About Football provides the answer to many of the most frequently asked questions related to football.

Is Football Right For My Kid?
Is football right for my kid? A great guide for parents whose kids are interested in participating in football. Learn important questions to ask to find out if it is a good match for your kid.

How is a Quarterback Rating Calculated?
Step-by-step instructions for calculating a passer rating.

What is the NFL's Tiebreaking Procedure?
This reference page provides the list of tiebreakers the NFL now uses for divisional races and Wild Card races as well as for ties between two, three, and more teams.

How Can I Purchase Tickets to the Super Bowl?
Every football fan dreams of being in the stands on Super Bowl Sunday, but most don't realize just how easy it is to get their name thrown in the hat for the annual random drawing for the right to purchase tickets. Follow these easy steps and you could be at the big game next year!

What is the West Coast Offense?
About Football offers a brief introduction explaining the objectives and basics of the West Coast Offense.

How is the Annual NFL Schedule Determined?
Since the realignment that moved the NFL to an eight-division league, the scheduling format has become quite simple.

What is the Madden Curse?
Does the Madden Curse have a stranglehold on the NFL?

How is a Player's Uniform Number Determined?
Every football player's uniform has a number on it that is unique for that particular team, making it simpler for fans, coaches, announcers, and officials to differentiate between players. This chart explains how numbers are assigned to each football player's uniform based on the position they play.

How are Compensatory NFL Draft Picks Determined?
Compensatory draft picks are determined by a formula that was developed by the NFL Management Council. This resource briefly explains the procedure.

What is a Reception?
Based on official NFL rules, what is a reception?

How Can I Purchase Tickets for My Favorite NFL Team?
About Football provides a list of contact information for each NFL team's ticket office. Purchase tickets online or call your favorite NFL team's box office for ticket information.

How is the NFL Draft Order Determined?
About Football explains how the order of selection is determined for the annual NFL Draft.

What is the Difference Between Franchise and Transition Tags?
If you don't fully understand the NFL's system of franchise and transition designations, check out this brief explanation.

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