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Super Bowl History

About Football's Super Bowl history provides Super Bowl recaps, game summaries, Super Bowl MVPs, stadiums, all-time standings, and entertainers.

Packers Outlast Steelers in Super Bowl XLV
The Green Bay Packers knock off the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

Quick Reference Guide
This reference page lists the teams, scores, head coaches, and MVPs for every Super Bowl, with links to game summaries and scoring summaries.

The Super Bowls Youngest and Oldest Players and Coaches
About Football lists the youngest and the oldest coaches and players throughout NFL history.

Top-10 Goats in NFL Playoffs
The worst performances and stupid mistakes on the NFL's biggest stage, the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

All-Time Standings
About Football provides the all-time Super Bowl standings of every team ever to appear in the big game.

Attendance Figures
About Football lists the attendance for every Super Bowl.

Baltimore Quarterback Joe Flacco Takes his Place in NFL History
Top 10 Super Bowl quarterback performances

Game-Time Temperatures
Check out the temperature at kickoff of every Super Bowl.

Coin Toss
For the first eleven Super Bowls, game officials handled the pre-game coin toss. Since that time, a series of honorary coin flippers have been appointed each year.

Top 10 NFL Postseason Goats
Top 10 list of NFL's biggest postseason goofs.

Player Bonus Shares
Every year, players on both the winning and losing Super Bowl teams split a tidy bonus for playing in the big game. Notice how the player bonus shares have grown since the first Super Bowl.

Super Bull or Bear?
Does the Super Bowl winner accurately forcast the U.S. economy for the current year?

How Super Bowl Winners Fared the Following Season
Check the success of every winning Super Bowl team the year following their championship season.

National Anthem Performers
About Football provides a list of every performer to sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl.

People Who Have Won Super Bowls as Both a Player and Coach
The following people have been fortunate enough to have won Super Bowls as both a player and coach.

Most Valuable Player
This page lists each year's recipient of the Super Bowl MVP award!

National Anthem Sign-Language Performers
About Football provides a list of every person that has performed the sign language for the National Anthem before the Super Bowl.

Coaches Who Have Won Super Bowls With More Than One Team
The following coaches have won Super Bowls with more than one team.

Fathers and Sons Who Have Reached the Super Bowl
Check out all the father and son combinations who have made it to the Super Bowl.

Past Super Bowl Referees
About Football lists the referees in charge of every Super Bowl.

Stadiums & Cities
About Football provides a list of stadiums and cities that have hosted the Super Bowl.

Oldest Individual Super Bowl Game Records
Check out the current Super Bowl records that have been held onto the longest.

Starting Quarterbacks
About Football offers a list of every quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl. This Super Bowl resource also includes the quarterbacks' age and college attended.

Players Who Have Won Super Bowls with More Than One Team
About Football lists all the players who have won Super Bowls with more than one team.

NFL Power Rankings

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