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Players Who Have Won Super Bowls with More Than One Team


Herb Adderly, CB - Green Bay (I,II), Dallas (VI)

Matt Bahr, K - Pittsburgh (XIV), New York Giants (XXV)

Robert Bailey, CB - Dallas (XXX), Baltimore (XXXV)

Jim Burt, DT - New York Giants (XXI), San Francisco (XXIV)

Matt Cavanaugh, QB - San Francisco (XIX*), New York Giants (XXV*)

Bill Curry, C - Green Bay (I), Baltimore (V)

Billy Davis, WR - Dallas (XXX), Baltimore XXXV

Richard Dent, DE - Chicago (XX), San Francisco (XXIX)

Dedrick Dodge, S - San Francisco (XXIX*), Denver (XXXII)

Dave Duerson, S - Chicago (XX), New York Giants (XXV)

Marv Fleming, TE Green Bay (I,II), Miami (VII, VIII)

Andy Frederick, OT Dallas (XII), Chicago (XX)

Hubert Ginn, RB Miami (VII), Oakland (XI)

Forrest Gregg, OT Green Bay (I,II), Dallas (VI*)

Charles Haley, LB/DE - San Francisco (XXIII, XXIV), Dallas (XXVII, XXVIII)

Ted Hendricks, LB - Baltimore (V), Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (XI, XV, XVIII)

Kenny Hill, S - Los Angeles Raiders (XXVIII), New York Giants (XXI)

Derek Loville, RB San Francisco (XXIX) Denver Broncos (XXXII, XXXIII)

Jim Mandich, TE - Miami (VII, VIII), Pittsburgh (XIII)

Charles Mann, DE - Washington (XXII, XXVI), San Francisco 49ers (XXIX)

Wilbur Marshall, LB - Chicago (XX), Washington (XXVI)

Ed McCaffrey, WR - San Francisco (XXIX), Denver (XXXII, XXXIII)

Tim McKyer, CB - San Francisco (XXIII, XXIV), Denver (XXXII)

Jim McMahon, QB - Chicago (XX), Green Bay (XXXI*)

Matt Millen, LB - Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (XV, XVIII), San Francisco (XXIV)

Earl Morrall, QB - Baltimore (III, V), Miami (VII, VIII)

Marcus Nash, WR - Denver (XXXIII), Baltimore (XXXV*)

Ken Norton, LB - Dallas (XXVII, XXVIII), San Francisco (XXIX)

Bart Oates, C - New York Giants (XXI, XXV), San Francisco (XXIX)

Elvis Patterson, CB - New York Giants (XXI), Dallas (XXVIII)

Preston Pearson, RB - Pittsburgh (IX), Dallas (XII)

Gloster Richardson, WR - Kansas City (IV), Dallas (VI*)

Bill Romanowski, LB - San Francisco (XXIII, XXIV), Denver (XXXII, XXX)

Jeff Rutledge, QB - New York Giants (XXI), Washington (XXVI)

Deion Sanders, CB - San Francisco (XXIX), Dallas (XXX)

Mark Schlereth, G - Washington (XXVI), Denver (XXXII, XXXIII)

Shannon Sharpe, TE - Denver (XXXII, XXXIII), Baltimore (XXXV)

David Stalls, DE/DT - Dallas (XII), Los Angeles Raiders (XVIII)

Harry Swayne, OT - Denver (XXXII, XXXIII), Baltimore (XXXV)

Adam Timmerman, G - Green Bay (XXXI), St. Louis (XXXIV)

Keith Traylor, DT - Denver (XXXII, XXXIII), New England (XXXIX)

*did not play


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