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5 Life Lessons You Learn From Football


Goal Setting

There are a lot of things that a football player does that can be measured.  Where there’s measurement, there’s a chance to set goals for improvement.  He might set a goal to get his 40 yard dash down to a certain time.  Maybe he could try to increase his weight training maximums, or catch a certain number of passes in a season.  He will also be exposed to lots of team oriented goals, which will help him be accountable for his part to the overall team.  We all should grow and improve ourselves, and football can help him get started on the right foot with good goal setting habits.  This is great stuff! 

A High You Can’t Buy

My head coach in high school always said, “It’s a high you can’t buy,” when talking to us about our success in football.  This game can create a huge adrenaline rush.  Fighting and scrapping with all you have alongside your teammates, and being successful, even in one play, is a moving experience.  It can teach your son that there are healthy, productive ways to pursue adventure and “highs” in this life.  How many stories have we heard about boys being kept grounded and out of trouble by the camaraderie and mentorship they’ve received in football? 

This list is not all inclusive, but the bottom line comes back to you, the parent.  It’s important that you take the initiative to help him process what’s going on. If you do, it will be far more than just a game; it will be a vehicle to help your son achieve greater things later in life.

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