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Complimenting the Rushing Attack with the Play-Action Pass


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Complimenting the Rushing Attack with the Play-Action Pass
Counter Play from the Offset-I Formation

Here, in the Offset-I formation, the quarterback hands off to the running back. After the handoff the quarterback must act as if he still has the ball. He will continue the "fake" as he sprints away from the direction of the rushing play.

Sean McCormick

Football teams with successful rushing attacks become even more difficult to stop when the play-action pass is added to the playbook.  The object of the play-action pass is for the pass play to resemble the running play.  Instead of handing the ball off to a running back, the quarterback will throw the ball down to a receiver.

The play-action pass is set up after running a successful rushing play several times during a game. The corresponding pass play mirrors the rushing play.

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