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2004 NFL Predictions

NFL Predictions: Division Races and Playoffs


Updated September 09, 2004
With the NFL season set to kick off, it's time to put my neck on the line once again and offer up my 2004 NFL predictions. As is the trend these days, there are aways one or two surprise teams that far exceed all expectations and there's always that team or two that completely falls apart, like the Oakland Raiders did last year.

With that in mind, I believe I still have one or two shockers that might have you scratching your head. But before you fill my mailbox with your protests, ask yourself these questions...

How many people thought the Carolina Panthers were the best team in the NFC heading into the 2003 season? Who picked the Cowboys to win ten games and make the playoffs. Who thought the New England Patriots would rip off 15 wins in a row?

AFC East
1. New England Patriots - A Dynasty in the Making?
2. New York Jets - Pennington Back in Pilot's Seat, Jets Ready to Fly Again
3. Buffalo Bills - Signs of Hope in Buffalo
4. Miami Dolphins - Can Things Get Any Worse?

AFC North
1. Baltimore Ravens - Looking For Consistency on Offense
2. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Good, the Bad, and the Realistic
3. Cincinnati Bengals - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
4. Cleveland Browns - New-Look Browns Seek Identity

AFC South
1. Indianapolis Colts - Offense Rocks! Defense? Don't Count On It!
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Breakout or Bust
3. Tennessee Titans - Remember the Titans?
4. Houston Texans - Another Brick in the wall

AFC West
1. Denver Broncos - Rolling the Dice
2. Kansas City - There's No D in Kansas City
3. Oakland Raiders - Recharged or Retired?
4. San Diego Chargers - Taking Baby Steps

NFC East
1. Washington Redskins - Something Old, Something New
2. Philadelphia Eagles - Fourth Time a Charm?
3. Dallas Cowboys - Second-Year Magic Again?
4. New York Giants - Giants Rebuilding or Simply Reloading?

NFC North
1. Green Bay Packers - Tweaking in Titletown
2. Minnesota Vikings - Speed, Youth Gives Defense Hope
3. Chicago Bears - A Team in Transition
4. Detroit Lions - Motown Picks Up Speed

NFC South
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bark is Gone, but is the Bite Back?
2. Carolina Panthers - Avoiding the Super Bowl Jinx
3. New Orleans Saints - Not Drinking the Kool-Aid
4. Atlanta Falcons - Healthy Vick a Quick Fix?

NFC West
1. Seattle Seahawks - Sky's the Limit for Soaring Seahawks
2. St. Louis Rams - QB Controversy No Longer an Issue
3. San Francisco 49ers - A Few Eggs Short of an Omlet
4. Arizona Cardinals - Looking for Some Green in the Desert

Playoff Prediction
AFC Division Winners - Patriots, Ravens, Colts, Broncos
Wild Cards - Chiefs, Jaguars

NFC Division Winners - Redskins, Packers, Buccaneers, Seahawks
Wild Cards - Eagles, Vikings

AFC Championship Game - Colts vs. Chiefs
NFC Championship Game - Vikings vs. Seahawks

Super Bowl - Colts vs. Seahawks

Champion - Seattle Seahawks

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