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NFL's Lame Names

Insulting Nicknames for NFL Teams


There are a lot of ways to irritate rival fans, and one of the best is to refer to their favorite team by some derogatory moniker which often rhymes with the official nickname. Following are many of the more commonly used:

Atlanta Falcons - Atlanta Fellons

Arizona Cardinals - Arizona Turdinals

Buffalo Bills - Buffalo No Thrills, Buffalo Jills, Buffalo Nils, Buffalo Spills, Buffalo Bins

Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore Crows

Carolina Panthers - Carolina Panters, Carolina Prancers

Chicago Bears - Chicago Teddy Bears, Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Bengals - Cincinnati Bungles, Cincinnati Bungholes

Cleveland Browns - Cleveland Clowns, Cleveland Frowns

Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowgirls, Dallas Cowpies

Denver Broncos - Denver Donkeys

Detroit Lions - Detroit Cryins, Detroit Kittens

Green Bay Packers - Green Bay Fudgepackers, Green Bay Slackers, Green Bay Whackers

Houston Texans - Houston Hexans

Indianapolis Colts - Indianapolis Dolts

Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville Jagoffs

Kansas City Chiefs - Kansas City Griefs, Kansas City Chefs

Miami Dolphins - Miami Minnnows

Minnesota Vikings - Minnesota ViQueens

New England Patriots - New England Patsies

New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Aints

New York Giants - New York Midgets

New York Jets - New York Yets

Oakland Raiders - Oakland Faders, Oakland Taters

Philadelphia Eagles - Philadelphia Beagles, Philadelphia Iggles

Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsburgh Reelers, Pittsburgh Squealers

San Diego Chargers - San Diego Rechargers, San Diego Deadbolts

San Francisco 49ers - San Francisco Whiners, San Francisco $4.99ers

Seattle Seahawks - Seattle Seachickens, Seattle Yawnhawks, Seattle Cheesehawks, Seattle Weehawks, Seattle Seaslugs

St. Louis Rams - St. Louis Lambs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Quackaneers, Tampa Bay Yuccaneers

Tennessee Titans - ???

Washington Redskins - Washington Deadskins, Washington Foreskins


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