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Alex Barron


Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Florida State

Status Senior

Height: 6-7 (6074)

Weight: 320

40-Yard Dash: 5.20 (est)


Alex Barron is a solid tackle prospect with great size, athletic ability, and a terrific wingspan. He has quick feet along with good agility and balance for a player his size. He gets into his stance quickly, but has a tendency to get a little high and loses leverage. He handles speed rushers well, and engulfs smaller defenders once he gets his long arms on them.
Barron has great potential, but isn't considered on the same level as some of the top prospects in recent drafts. He is a little inconsistent with his technique, and lacks the tenacity and the physical style of play you like to see in an offensive lineman. He could also stand to add a little upper-body strength.


After battling injuries early in his college career, Alex Barron came on strong with a fantastic senior campaign. And even though he isn't a polished lineman at this point, he is the top prospect at left tackle in this year's draft pool. Most likely he will be selected somewhere in the 10-15 range in the first round.

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