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Jason Allen


Position: Cornerback/Safety

School: Tennessee

Status: Senior

Height: 6-2

Weight: 200

40-Yard Dash: 4.45(est)


There are three things about Allen that will really help him out in the future. The first being his intelligence. He's going to have to continue to be a smart player at the next level. The second good thing is that he is usually a sure tackler. His ability to get his head across and bring a player down may be his greatest asset. The last thing is that he has good size and speed. This will allow him to not be overmatched when he's in man coverage.


He'll need to improve his ability to read a play just a little bit. If he doesn't learn to read better, he will be overmatched by some of the NFL's best QBs. He also needs to improve his route recognition some, or he may get fooled on routes run by the best receivers.


He would have been the first safety off the board in last year's draft, but pulled out in the final stages. He will more than likely be drafted as a safety, but it will all depend on what team takes him. All the improvements he needs to make are minor, with the possible exception of his speed which would take some work. More than likely, he won't be a big producer right away. He will be one of the top safeties off the board, and should be a first rounder barring injury.
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