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Kamerion Wimbley


Position: Defensive End

School: Florida State

Status: Senior

Height: 6-4

Weight: 255

40-Yard Dash: 4.70 (EST)


A very productive pass rusher, Kamerion Wimbley’s impressive senior season accelerated his draft stock to be a potential top five defensive end. He has very good speed and is extremely quick off the edge. Wimbley has ideal size and has stayed away from the injury bug. His durability has allowed him to start over 40 games consecutively.


Wimbley plays with great heart, but can be discouraged easily. He is a very quick player, but won’t be the fastest guy on the defensive line. Wimbley will need some time to adjust to the size and quickness at the next level.


Wimbley is an ideal example of how returning and having an effective senior season can elevate a player’s draft stock. Depending on the number of underclassmen who declare, he has a legitimate chance of sneaking into the late first-round area with good workouts.

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