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Laurence Maroney


Position: Running Back

School: Minnesota

Status: Junior

Height: 5-11

Weight: 205

40-Yard Dash: 4.50 (EST)


A complete running back with an amazing combination of size, speed, and power, Laurence Maroney is an explosive runner with great vision. He is very patient and is very mature when waiting for blocks to develop. Maroney has extremely quick feet and never stops moving his legs which allows him to break tackles and pick up extra yardage. He has average receiving skills and is a decent blocker.


Although he has good hands, he wasn’t a factor in the Minnesota passing game too often. University of Minnesota is known for producing productive running backs (most recently Marion Barber) and Maroney could be looked at as simply a product of the system. He also played with a very experienced and skilled offensive line. Maroney has had his share of injuries, but not too many considering the number of carries he averages per game.


Laurence Maroney is only a junior, but is NFL ready with his experience against the tough defenses of the Big Ten. He is a push-the-pile type of back with great leverage. Maroney is durable and it isn’t rare to see him carry the ball 40+ times a ballgame. His ability to be an every down back will certainly give him an advantage at the next level. Maroney will be doubted because of the system he comes from, but his physical skills cannot be ignored.

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