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Vince Young


Positional Rankings: QB RB FB WR TE OT OG C - DE DT ILB OLB S CB - K P

Position: Quarterback

School: Texas

Status: Junior

Height: 6-5

Weight: 235

40-Yard Dash:


In his three years at Texas, Vince Young has exhibited great speed and agility. His ability to escape the pocket, allows for more flexibility in the offense, andhis arm strength will allow him to make the throws that any NFL offense requires.
Young also has good footwork, and has consistently improved over the past few years, which will help him to make any movements necessary in the pocket, and allow his throws to be a bit more accurate. Young also exhibits good leadership and poise, which will help others trust him on the field and givetheir all in pressure situations.


The biggest knock on Young is his release point. He tends to release the ball from a sidearm, almost under his shoulder. This may cause numerous throws to be batted down at the line. Also due to his release point, Young is not as accurate as he could be on some of his throws. Another area of concern could be his sometimes-questionable decision making.
While he is improving, he still tends to try to force passes when there is another easier pass available. It also causes him to leave the pocket a bit prematurely. With the exception of his release point, all these problems should be easy fixes.


While many people think that Vince Young won't be playing quarterback in the NFL, with the improvement he's made as a passer, he will be an NFL QB. His speed and agility will make him the second most feared running quarterback in the league, and his arm strength will allow him to make the throws he needs to.
He'll more than likely need to change his release point, otherwise he will probably have problems with balls batted down at the line. Young will more then likely be a top-5 pick in 2006.

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