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Traded NFL Draft Picks

Traded Picks for the 2012 NFL Draft


About Football tracks all the traded NFL Draft picks for the 2011 NFL Draft!

2012 NFL Mock Draft

Traded NFL Draft Picks

1st Round
Cleveland from Atlanta
New England from New Orleans
Cincinnati from Oakland

2nd Round
New England from Oakland
Philadelphia from Arizona

3rd Round
Chicago from Carolina
Oakland forfeits its pick used in 2011 Supplemental Draft

4th Round
Washington from Oakland
Cleveland from Atlanta
Philadelphia from Tampa Bay
Buffalo from Baltimore

5th Round
Cincinnati from New England

6th Round
Cleveland from Denver
Philadelphia from New England
Washington from Minnesota
New Orleans conditional from Washington (OT Jammal Brown must play in 90% of offensive plays in 2011 or get voted to the Pro Bowl.)
Denver from St Louis

7th Round
Minnesota from Cleveland
Kansas City from New England
New England from Philadelphia
Minnesota from New England
St. Louis conditional from Cleveland (OL John Greco must start one game in 2011)
Seattle from Oakland
NY Jets from Houston

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