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NFL Draft History

Research NFL Draft history including draft results by year or team. Also includes a list of all the No. 1 draft picks in NFL Draft history.
  1. NFL Draft Results by Year (33)

Former Number One Draft Picks
In 1936, the NFL instituted the first player draft in an effort to better distribute the incoming talent throughout the league. This list provides every number one NFL Draft pick, along with the college they played for and the NFL team that made the pick!

Top 10 NFL Draft Busts
About Football ranks the top ten NFL Draft busts throughout the history of the NFL Draft.

Hall of Fame Draft Picks
Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees were, at one point, nothing more than NFL Draft selections with varying degrees of potential. This page lists every hall of famer ever selected in the NFL Draft.

Mr. Irrelevant
Over the years, the last player selected in the annual NFL Draft has aquired the nickname of Mr. Irrelevant. Although the odds are against them, there have been a number of Mr. Irrelevants that have hung around over the years.

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