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NFL Draft Review - Grading the 2004 NFL Draft

Team Grades for the 2004 NFL Draft


Most experts agree it takes several years before an accurate grade can be affixed to a particular draft class. And it's no secret that what looked like a major coup on draft day could eventually prove to be a big blunder three years down the road.

So with the required period of adjustment having passed, we thought we'd take a look at just who scored victories in the 2004 NFL Draft, and who received failing grades.

Starting from the bottom up, we begin this series with 2004's biggest draft losers:

32. Green Bay Packers
Grade: F

Coming in at the very bottom of the list are the Packers, who put together just a horrendous draft in '04. Rarely does a team strike out as badly as Green Bay did that year. First round pick CB Ahmad Carroll was a colossal bust and was released during the 2006 season. The team’s second pick, which came early in the third round, netted another cornerback in Montana State’s Joey Thomas, but his tenure with the team was even shorter than Carroll’s, and he was waived during the 2005 season.

Another third-round pick, DT Donnell Washington never played a regular-season game for the Packers and was cut after two seasons. The team then made a huge reach for punter B.J. Sander, who also was cut prior to the 2006 season. All in all, the Packers had four day-one picks, but had nothing to show for any of them three years later. They did, however, manage to land a couple of decent values in the later rounds in Arkansas State defensive tackle Corey Williams and Tennessee center Scott Wells.

31. Baltimore Ravens
Grade: F

The Ravens’ 2004 draft actually began going downhill in 2003 when they traded their first-round pick in '04 for the opportunity to draft quarterback Kyle Boller, who has been a relative bust thus far. In the second round, they grabbed Dwan Edwards, who has worked his way into the rotation at defensive end, but has not proved to be anything special. Third-round WR Devard Darling is currently buried on the team’s depth chart and has recorded just two career receptions.

The Ravens also had five picks on day two of the draft, but only backup receiver Clarence Moore is still on the club’s roster.

30. Dallas Cowboys
Grade: F

The Cowboys first big blunder in the 2004 NFL Draft was the decision to pass on running back Steven Jackson and trade down out of the first round to select Julius Jones early in the second. Jones has shown potential when he’s healthy, but has been inconsistent so far while Jackson has established himself as one of the league’s better ball carriers.

The draft continued to go downhill for Dallas when they took USC offensive tackle Jacob Rogers just nine picks later. Rogers was a huge disappointment and was released prior to the 2006 season. LSU guard Stephen Peterman didn’t fare much better, and was cut during the 2006 season.

Things didn’t get a whole lot better for the Cowboys on day two. Fourth-round cornerback Bruce Thornton played in just one game for the Cowboys and fifth-round tight end Sean Ryan was eventually traded to the Jets for a seventh-round draft choice. The only real quality pick the Cowboys made was that of wide receiver Patrick Crayton in the seventh round, and he’s hardly a superstar in the making.

29. Philadelphia
Grade: F

Known for their normally-strong drafts, the Eagles struggled with in 2004. By 2007, just two of the ten players they drafted remained on the roster.

First-round pick Shawn Andrews, an offensive lineman out of Arkansas, has settled nicely into a starting role at guard. The team also got good value in the fifth round with fullback Thomas Tapeh out of Minnesota. But the rest of the class was largely a disappointment.

Safeties Matt Ware (3rd round) and J.R. Reed (4th Round) were both cut before the 2006 season, although Reed did display some promise as a rookie before injuries took their toll. Offensive guard Trey Darilek (4th Round) saw limited action with the Eagles before his release in ‘06. Sixth-round cornerback Dexter Wynn held on until late in the 2006 season, but he also was released.

Up next... teams that graded out just higher than these flunkies!

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